MINISTRY OF EMOTION Production is the newest addition to our company offering different services related to our performances. We work with clients to create a custom made performance specific to each event’s requirements. We can provide concepts for new innovative productions.

Additional services, not incorporating our dance performances, are fashion show direction, staging, styling, casting and entertainment sourcing, making it a one stop shop for your event.

To create a complete package, we offer concept proposals, costume design, music selection and remixing, video directing, editing and production, lighting plans, and staging. 


Furthermore we can take care of Artist Management and Cast specialty performers to suit your needs and provide Costume/Uniform design for Event and F&B staff including models and hostesses.


The production team is comprised of our Art Director, stylists and creatives, choreographers, photographers, videographers and set designers. 
If you would like discuss about the design, management and production of an event please contact us directly. We are happy to discuss all future possibilities with you!